Symphony to a Lost Generation. Review.

Wonderful review by my wife – of an equally wonderful, unsettling and intriguing artwork.

Some Claire Over The Rainbow

I got my fix of the arts this week by watching Adam Donen’s Symphony to a Lost Generation.  The subject matter was World War I; its horrors, its suffering and also highlighting the gruesome nature of lesser publicised atrocities that took place throughout the conflict, such as the Armenian genocide.

It was performed and filmed previously, then along with fantastic post production graphics, vintage film inserts and computer wizardry, was projected as ‘3D’ holographics onto two sheer screens.  This brought back a certain element of depth to the show, making it feel like a cross between cinema and stage.

Formatted as a five movement symphony, the score was played by a full and rich orchestra, supported by powerful opera singers.  The silence from the screen itself brought an eerie quality to the show, no swishes from the ballet shoes on the ground, forceful stamps only reverberating by sight.  Despite being the…

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