Armistice-tide past and present

Dr Susannah Wright reports on the work of our research group. Mixed feelings at leaving Brookes for pastures new, but will continue this work with some great colleagues.

Humanistic Perspectives on Education

British Legion Poppies 

In the interwar years (1919-1939) it was common to speak of armistice-week or armistice-tide (alongside armistice day itself). We see echoes of this today, in the British Legion’s poppy-selling, and in the near-annual public controversy about remembrance (it was FIFA and footballers wearing poppies on their armbands this year).  Members of the humanistic perspectives research group working on a long-term project about remembrance and education have experienced versions of such intensive remembrance-related activity too.  Our online three-county survey into what schools do to mark armistice day on 11th November – an apparently simple question which seems to have received little attention – which we first ran in 2013, has been reprised in November 2016. On both occasions, David Aldridge, Patrick Alexander, Annie Haight and myself have devoted many hours to collating and checking school email addresses in preparation for the survey launch. We’ve…

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