How ought war to be remembered in schools?

In November I published this short book in the Philosophy of Education Society’s ‘Impact’ Series (Impact21)

You can watch a video of the launch event here:,AAAAkPubcZk~,_5wRjVEP-2Sma1whESEDFKmqjWi9oghp&bctid=3935715922001

It was picked up by The Guardian here:

I also wrote an accompanying piece for The Conversation…

…as well as an invited piece for Wiley’s War Studies blog here:

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Oxford Branch Events

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (Oxford branch) – joint seminar programme with the Religion, Philosophy and Education, OUDE:

All seminars start at 5pm and end at 6:30 (OUDE, 15 Norham Gardens).

7 October

The Rt Revd John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford

Reflections on his time as the Church of England’s lead bishop on education


20 October

Professor Gemma Moss, Institute of Education, University of London

Progression, knowledge and assessment in the curriculum: Who’s interested in the sociology of knowledge now?
(Public Seminar)


18 November

Prof Christopher Winch, King’s College, London

How Do We Know that Someone Knows How?


25 November

Dr Daniel Moulin, University of Navarra, Spain

On the nature of antitheism: an exploratory study of anti-Christian prejudice in English secondary schools


2 December

Dr Emma Williams, Philosopher in residence, Rugby School

Thinking beyond the straits of reason