More Academies Nonsense

So the latest proposal to mollify objectors to the forced academisation process (i.e. everybody) is that Local Education Authorities may now be allowed to set up their own academy chains. But don’t worry, only the ‘good’ Local Authorities.

Let’s wheel back to the white paper, shall we, in which it is argued that to solve the problem of under-performing geographical areas we need to break the ‘monopoly’ of the Local Education Authorities. What characterises a ‘good’ local authority in the white paper? One in which the national and widely geographically distributed academy chains, competing with each other to take over schools, have magically transformed the local educational terrain (subject to some nebulous power of ‘challenge’ held by parents and LEAs).

What, then, will become of the proposed LEA chains? I imagine they will end up compelled to take over those ‘under-performing’ schools that none of the national chains want to touch.